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Before you dive into this article be sure to check out the Micro Niche finder.

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This is a great tool to use to find a lot of profitable niches that you can monetize almost instantly. For those of you willing to do the grunt work read on.

Affiliate marketing is probably the easiest way to start making money online but there is a Lot of competition. Before we get into the mechanics of it all first think of the benefits available to you if you decide to get into affiliate marketing. First you don't have to create a product, handle products or deal with product at all aside from talking about them. You don't need employees, you don't have to deal with customer service. Its so elegant, if you can be a successful affiliate there's so little you need to worry about.

About 90% of your success will come from thorough market research, 9% from the actual marketing and 1% from your on page text video or whatever you use. If you blow your market research there's basically no recovery without starting all over. So that will be the subject of 90% of this article :)

If you can find a hot market with little competition you're on your way to making some good money already. After finding that market all you need to do get your on page content ready and start promoting your website through proven SEO techniques or if you have some capital set up an Adwords campaign.  

So how do you find a good niche to get into?

Well at Thrive Learning Institute we teach that it involves two basic components: Keyword research and competition analysis. There are two tools that I use to analyze a market: Google Adwords Keyword Tool and the SEO for Firefox plugin. Before you begin doing your own research make sure you are using Firefox and have the SEO for Firefox plugin installed.

First you'll need to use the keyword tool. The goal here is to find keywords that get a reasonable amount of searches per month and a low CPC (if you're planning on advertising to drive traffic). So first type in any keyword. You'll get a list of related keywords that you can analyze. Next you'll need to change the match type to exact. This way you'll get an accurate reading of how many people are searching for that exact term. You'll come across a few that have enormous amounts of traffic. Those you'll want to avoid simply because the competition is going to be VERY rough. Look for term that have at least 1,000 searches per month and you could go up to 20,000 per month.

Find a keyword that's in that range and head to Google to analyze the competition. You should have SEO for Firefox installed. If you do you'll see a blue box underneath every result Google brings up. The very first option is a "PR: ?". Click on the question mark to get the page rank. Google ranks pages according to their authority. The higher the page rank the more authoritative it  is thus the harder its going to be to beat in the search engines. The PR goes from 0-10 in rank. For a new affiliate starting out you should target keywords that produce pages that have a PR 3 or lower. These are pages you can compete with almost immediately to get traffic. 

Once you've got a few different keywords that match our criteria you need to find a product to promote that's relevant to that keyword. Use sites like Clickbank and commission junction to search for product that are marketed solely through affiliates.

After you find a product its time to promote and make some money! Remember if you dont want to go through all that I recommend the Micro Niche Finder.

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