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Drop Shipping

Thrive Learning Institute is a coaching company specializing in online business training although they do dabble in other industries according to the training and experience of their coaches.  

One business model they are particularly good at is the online business model that includes drop shipping products. Many coaches and managers have created successful drop shipping websites to augment their regular income.

Drop shipping is a bit more involved than your regular affiliate website but less complex than buying products wholesale. With an affiliate website you don't ship products, deal with customers and you usually don't need employees. Affiliate websites are very easy to set up and because of that there's tons of competition.

With drop shipping you'll need to find a reliable supplier and make sure they do drop shipping. There are a lot of good drop ship directories out there too that you can purchase to find a supplier for the product you're looking to sell.

Once you find a supplier you need to give them a call and discuss their terms and what kind of documentation they need if any. Many times they'll require and EIN (employer identification number) to confirm that you have a legitimate business. If that's the case then of course you'll need to go get a business license. Depending on the state you're in a license can be anywhere from $50 to $200. 

Once you get your contract with the supplier in place then you can start selling your products. The next step will be to establish a working website. If you dont know anything about web development I recommend paying someone else to do it. It takes a long time to learn everything you need to know to create it yourself and you'll probably just get stuck trying to decide how it looks. I know from personal experience. Just hire someone to design it and don't get too nit-picky about it. Tiny design details don't really matter in the beginning. You just need to get it up and running.

Once you have a functional website the next step is to market it. Internet marketing on the internet can either be completely free or very expensive.  The free route requires a lot of writing and submitting of articles. The expensive route requires you to pay someone to do it all for you and to pay for advertisements on Google and related, relevant websites. 

If you do it yourself expect to wait a month or two before you start making any sales. This can allow you to get your system in place and very streamlines but you wont be making any money. You could however start generating sales immediately by running a Google Adwords campaign however that can be costly and it may not pay off if it takes a lot of click to convert a customer.

Remember the words of Thomas Edison, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Accordingly a genius is often merely a talented person who has done all of his or her homework."

The more persistent you are the more likely you are to find success. Don't give up if you don't get a sale in the first month. Just keep plugging away and you'll soon see the sales start coming in.

Thrive Learning Institute is dedicated to their clients success and has real life experience to back up the advice and coaching they give. Be sure to check out their blog at Thrive Learning Institute.
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